Easy2Convert BMP to JPG

Easy2Convert BMP to JPG 2.0

Free, lightweight utility to convert BMP, RLE, and .DIP files into JPEG formats
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The Easy2Convert BMP to JPG program lives up to its name. It is a free, lightweight, and easy-to-use utility to convert image files that uses slightly less than 3MB of disk space. The application enables you to convert .bmp, .rle., and .dip files into JPEG formats (.jif, .jpe, .jpeg, and .jpg).

You start by selecting the file that you wish to convert, which is called the “input file”. After that you, select the output folder for the result file to be saved to. Finally, you press the convert button. It’s that simple.

While it is possible to convert .bmp files to .jpeg using Microsoft Paint, the Easy2Convert program gives you extra features to enhance your converted file. By clicking the preferences tab, you can adjust the image quality on the output option by changing the compression. You are also able to resize, transform, and color your converted image.

If you are a web designer or graphic artist, Easy2Convert BMP to JPG is not for you. Chances are, you already have powerful image editing software that can easily convert files. This application is for the casual user who wants to reduce the file size of a bitmap image while preserving the most of the image quality.

Mariel Rearte
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  • Free
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Extra features to enhance the output file


  • Too basic
  • Not suitable for web designers or graphic artists
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