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Easy2Convert BMP to JPG 2.6

Enhance your BMP files and convert them into various JPEG file types
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If in need to convert Windows bitmap image files into the more common JPG format, Easy2Convert BMP to JPG offers you a hassle- and cost-free solution in which simplicity and flexibility work together. The program’s simple interface hides a wide variety of settings and configuration options that allow you to make each conversion process as simple or as sophisticated as you wish.

Do not let the main interface’s simplicity fool you – behind that tiny window, you will find a plethora of image adjustments, conversion settings, and even the possibility of watermarking and framing your output images as part of the conversion process. This free tool is excellent for the occasional user, as it supports one-at-a-time conversions only. Those who require bulk image conversions between these two formats will need to upgrade to the program’s commercial version for a small fee.

The somehow lame initial interface will simply let you input the source BMP file and define the output filename and folder, as well as the preferred JPG file type. In order to make use of the program’s full functionality, you need to open the Preferences dialog. There you will find specific options to define the output JPEG quality, to rotate and resize the resulting file, to adjust basic lighting settings (brightness, contrast, gamma, etc.), to turn color images into greyscale, to add a frame and/or a text or image watermark, and to add a file stamp to the output file, among some other features. You can choose different settings for each conversion process, or leave your favorites as default for subsequent conversion processes.

All of these changes and adjustments will be performed together with the conversion process. Regrettably, the program doesn’t offer the possibility to preview these changes beforehand, so if the watermark doesn’t appear in the position you expected or if the changes you made in the level of contrast and brightness are not what you had in mind, you will have to change the values and perform the conversion again. Thus, the lack of a simple preview window turns all those otherwise useful features into a permanent and annoying trial-and-error experience. Therefore, I could only recommend this free version of Easy2Convert BMP to JPG to those who require but sporadic BMP to JPG conversions. Its lack of previewing capabilities clearly works against its extensive choice of settings and features. Only those in search of straightforward conversions from one format to the other will find this free utility 100% useful.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Includes advanced conversion settings
  • Add watermarks and frames
  • Adjust image brightness and contrast before convesion
  • Supports filename masks


  • Converts one file at a time
  • There is no option to preview the resulting file
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